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Human Resources Consulting

Effective Leadership

Hiring the right staff is as important as having clients. Without the proper employee, your business can fail in an instant, irrespective of your efforts. We have broad experience with identifying diverse talent in different industries.


Our services include:

  • Advising management on the administration, policies, procedures, and organizational culture of the company

  • Defining roles for each position by having a one-on-one meeting with the officers and employees

  • Interviewing, screening, recruitment, and placement

  • Staff training and employee relations

  • Talent strategy and employee retention

  • Team building in a healthy work environment

  • The terms and conditions of employment, and generally any matter arising out of the business affairs of the company

  • Job descriptions implementation and assessments

  • Handbook, payroll, and benefits analysis


All services and training can be offered in English and Spanish.

Human Pyramid
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